Communication Denominational Process

On Sunday July 2 there was a Congregational Meeting where the members were asked to vote on the following:
“As a member of New Life Community Church, Burnaby, B.C., I give the Consistory (elected Elders) permission to make a written petition to the B.C. Classis of the Reformed Church in America to withdraw membership from the RCA denomination.”
The results were, 76 ballots posted, 73 affirmed, 1 no, 2 abstained.
The elders will move forward in withdrawing membership from the RCA denomination and proposing a new denominational home to the congregation. The transfer to a new denomination will only take place after a final vote from the congregation with involvement of a committee (Investigatory team) from the BC Classis.
The Elders are wanting anyone with questions, concerns, information on the five denominations they have been examining, to connect with them. The list of possible denominations is available by clicking the button below.  I have attached the list of denominations to this e-mail.  They value your wisdom and input on this important decision. If you are wanting to reach out to the elders, you can reply to this e-mail or connect individually
At the meeting on Sunday there were some who had not attended the Congregational Meeting in February where Sandeep explained the process we are in, so I have attached the Power Point that he shared at that meeting to this bulletin. Click the button below to access the power point. 
Please remember to pray for our elders, as they serve us and the community at New Life.

Ted Goshulak                                 Katherine Adachi
Deborah Heller                               Marion Edwards
Katrina Smyth                                 Elizabeth Carlson
Pastor Sandeep is also part of the elders’ board and participates in all regular elders’ meetings. 

Process of leaving the RCA
Power point explained at the February 2023 Congregational Meeting.
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