Connect Sunday School

Sunday School

New Life Community Church warmly welcomes children and youth from nursery age up to Grade 10. We provide engaging Sunday school classes tailored to different age groups.

During our Sunday worship service, families come together to worship until approximately 10:30 am when the children and youth are then released to their respective classes. In these smaller classes, students have the opportunity to build connections with their peers while studying from a solid Bible curriculum, guided by our dedicated Sunday school teachers. During the summer months, all students gather in one large class for a unified experience.

Beyond classroom learning, our students actively participate in fundraising efforts for various offering projects. For instance, they may contribute to causes such as sponsoring a cow for a family in Syria, fostering a heart for giving and compassion.

New Life Community Church provides abundant opportunities for involvement in our Sunday school ministry. We invite you to drop in and explore, witnessing firsthand the wonderful work that God is doing within our community.

Sunday School Details:

When: Sunday, 10:30-11:30am
Where: New Life Community Church 
Contact Information: