Worship Lent - Psalm Readings and Prayers

From Lament to Hope
Through Lent, we acknowledge that Jesus has known pain, despair, grief & death – and know that he is still standing with us in our lives, in our journey to & beyond the cross.
Take some time each week to meditate on the Psalm, allowing God to speak through specific words or phrases as you read and reread the words of the Psalmists, and allow their lament & hope speak God’s words of life to you.

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From Lament to Hope - for Week 1, Psalm 51:1–12
‘Steadfast love’, ‘abundant mercy’…
God these concepts are almost too difficult for me to understand.
But YOU love me,
YOU love ME.
You LOVE me.
You KNOW me, my transgressions, my sin, my guilt…
Yet you have NOT STOPPED listening to me, HOPING the best for me,
and GIVING me hope
Yes, Lord, ‘Create in me a clean heart, O God, and put a new spirit within me.’
Let me understand Your words of love & mercy to me today.
~Kathy Krahn

Prayer by Kathy Krahn
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From Lament to Hope - for Week 2, Psalm 116:1-7
You know my suffering, my fears, my distress.
I thank You for Your love, forgiveness, and peace, which sustains me in troubled times.
You alone can deliver me from despair.
In your grace and mercy, lift me out of my sickness and discouragement, I pray.
As I lift my eyes and heart to You, in grateful remembrance of what You have already
done in my life, grant me courage to abide in Your love, and renewed vision to see You.
Embolden me to embrace Your promises in the midst of trials, to cling to Your truth,
to sing of Your faithfulness, and to find my rest in You.
In You, O Lord, I put my trust and find my hope.
~Jill Hamm

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From Lament to Hope - Week 3, Psalm 3:1-8
“You’re on your own” the voices taunt.
“You’re outnumbered, you’ll never win, give up now”.
I hear the voices inside and out, trying to bring me down.
I feel so small and helpless and afraid.

But with you God I am safe.
You hear my cries,
You know my fears,
You understand my shame,
With you I am never alone.
You lift me up when I am down,
You’re my guardian night and day.
In you Lord, I am held secure.

“You can’t win” the voices taunt.

But who can separate us from the love of Christ?
Shall tribulation or distress or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword?
In all these things we are more than conquerors through Jesus who loves us.
(Romans 8: 35-37) AMEN

~Gillian Coates

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From Lament to Hope - Week 4, Psalm 121:1-8
" Our Help and Our Protector"

I will look up and I will lift my gaze,
for you are my God.

I will acknowledge you as the One
who directs my steps every hour of every day.

Who provides in every circumstance,
Who is my shield about me.

The Lord is the guardian of my life.
I will rest in Him as His gaze rests upon me.
~Jenny Goshulak

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From Lament to Hope - for Week 5, Psalm 23:1-6
Lord, I often feel like a sheep: easily frightened, vulnerable, and not the smartest out there.
You teach me to pray, “I shall not want”, but my mind more naturally goes to scarcity and anxiety.
“You make me lie down in green pastures”. I should want to rest and be refreshed in this way,
but I often keep myself so busy and distracted that I need You to make me lie down.
Jesus, please help me to recognize my need for you.
Help me to trust your gentle and good care for me, and enter into rest.
And most of all, help me to tune in to your voice,
guiding my daily steps and calling me close to you,
trusting your words that “my sheep listen to my voice…and follow me” (John 10:27).
-Sheldon Francescini
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From Lament to Hope - Week 6, Psalm 24:1-10
Lord, let this Psalm be a prayer for peace in a troubled world.
If the earth belongs to you, and everything in it,
what right do we have to fight about any part of it?
We pray that our hearts will be pure as we go about our daily lives.
We care about tragic events happening in the world.
We cannot control world events, but help us to have clean hands--integrity--as we
strive to do the best we can in the work that lies before us.
Help us to glorify your name, so that you may enter the hearts of people who might
otherwise shut you out, not knowing any better.
You are the King of glory and we look to the future in hope and faith.
We pray as always in the name of Jesus.
~Patrick McKitrick

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